Bioengineering Department

KGTÜ Biyomühendislik


The main purpose of the bioengineering program is to train engineers equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the basic bioengineering, molecular biology and genetic sciences and their various subdivisions. The department also aims to train highly engineered, problem-solving engineers who are both committed to research and development, and to life-long learning.

The visible aims of the program are to provide students with basic mathematics, biology, chemistry, To acquire science and engineering knowledge, to define biological systems, to learn the application of engineering knowledge to biological systems, to learn disciplinary skills by taking lessons from other programs and doing common projects, to apply analytical solutions to systems involving living things.


The advantage of the program is that your bioengineering primarily finds wide application areas. Bioengineering requires an interdisciplinary and educational system, which is the ability to combine life sciences with engineering. As a result, it offers graduates the opportunity to work in biotechnology, biomedical, biomaterials, bioprocess engineering.


The bioengineering program has gained increasing importance in recent years. Academically, it is seen as an opportunity for the students to have the possibility of working in a variety of fields. Students will have the opportunity to take courses from different departments and be able to take part in interdisciplinary projects so that they will have a multi-faceted development in academic terms. Graduates will have significant academic achievements to pursue their academic life in order to receive postgraduate education.