Dean's Message


The main goal of our faculty is to train engineers who can serve with the basic sciences and professional knowledge to provide technical solutions to the problems and needs of humanity, especially our country. The ways that our faculty is going to follow to achieve this goal and general differences are presented below.


Students will be admitted by faculty selection method that few universities apply in our country. Therefore, our students will take common courses in the first 3 semesters. After departments will be introduced at the end of the third semester, they will choose the department they want.


We will be the faculty that transforms information into product. We will train engineers who are not only knowledgeable, but also who research, design, convert knowledge into product and produce. Our faculty, academic staff and laboratory infrastructures are structured in accordance with this goal.


We are training engineers who work in cooperation with the industry, identify the food and agriculture industry problems and find solutions. Thus, educational environment where students can carry out projects and collaborate with industry would be provided in a year. In addition, our industrial practice is planned as 2,5 months training instead of 20 days.


The main target of all our courses is to train entrepreneur and self-confident engineers who take care of themselves and produce ideas and projects. The Technopolis, which will be founded, will provide facilities for our students to establish a company. Our students will be effective engineers in transitioning economics based on the knowledge of our country.


Our laboratories will be free and open 24 hours a day. Material and scientific support will be provided to the students to apply their ideas and projects.


Courses are organized to train our students as engineers who desire project leadership and who have the qualities of leadership. Thanks to the seminars and guest speakers, our students will get this quality.


The course language of our faculty is English. Thus, international cooperation will be ensured so student exchange will be provided and international courses will be followed. It will be easier to train qualified and competent engineers who can follow the technology and represent our country internationally.


All our courses are prepared in accordance with international equivalencies. Our graduates will be trained in accordance with quality management system that is equivalent in every country.


Our education will be srudent centred. At our faculty, a management and training development model in which every student’s ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration will be implemented.


Computer Engineering, Food Engineering and Bioengineering Departments in our faculty have started teaching and a great majority of our students are still in the preparatory class.


In order to develop greater projects and to increase interdisciplinary studies, we are maintaining our studies to get students to Electrical-Electronics and Industrial Engineering Departments in 2017-2018 academic year.


To achieve these goals, we are waiting for our invaluable and self-confident students whom we will work together and turn our ideas and knowledges into products by designing together.


Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arslan

Deputy Dean of Engineering and Architecture