Food Engineering

KGTÜ Gıda Mühendisliği


The KFAU Food Engineering Department aims to train food engineers who will be able to transform their research and development work into products and provide solutions to the food industry's problems in cooperation with national and international industry and agriculture sectors. Konya Food and Agriculture University (KFAU) is Turkey's first specialized university in food and agriculture. KFAU students will have the advantage of gaining experience in practice by starting observations, internships and projects in farms and factories starting from the first year, especially in the farms of Konya Şeker and the industrial establishments within the AB Holding. The experience of the KFAU students who have the opportunity to observe production and implement themselves in pilot facilities located in the laboratories of KFAU and AB Holding factories will enable them to compete with the best schools' graduates in international standards.


The medium of instruction at KFAU is English. For this reason, the KFAU Food Engineering program is one of the few food engineering departments that provide English language instruction. In addition, our students will have the opportunity to receive online courses from internationally accredited universities and receive international exchange programs and education abroad.


Starting from the beginning of undergraduate education, the students of our department will benefit from social responsibility projects, compulsory social and cultural lessons by participating in interdisciplinary projects. It will ensure the integration of university and faculty joint courses with students from different disciplines by giving students the opportunity to look at life from a very wide perspective.


The Food Engineering Department is one of the foremost engineering departments in technical fields in terms of developing industry and technology. It is an engineering discipline open to academic and technological developments. The Department has the capacity to carry out R & D projects through academic studies and university-industry cooperation in the field of food engineering as both technological infrastructure and academic staff infrastructure. Instructors closely monitor developments in food science and technology and will produce projects that will contribute to new food products, food shelf life extension, food safety and quality control.