Industrial Engineering Department

KGTÜ Endüstri Mühendisliği


Main goal of the newly established Industrial Engineering program can be summarized as to generate graduates that:

  • Can add value in the design, planning, monitoring, improvement, and sustainability aspects of the production and/or service organizations from the systems perspective; is capable of systems analysis, problem identification, modeling, generating and evaluating alternative solutions and implementing the optimal solution,
  • Contributes to the change management of the organizations through systems thinking,
  • Be the cohesive force in the inter-disciplinary teams in projects,
  • Be the champion for promoting ‘life-long-learning’; closely monitoring technological developments to identify potentials for competitive edge through adoption,
  • Has acquired expertise in the productivity concepts of the food and agriculture industries,
  • Can design and improve systems related to Industrial Agriculture and Food Industries.

The curriculum has been designed to provoke querying, researching, and applying the enriched knowledge into real life among our students. The conduct of the program is not to ‘teach’ our students but ‘lead’ them to development of effective, life-long learning habits. The possibilities of working as a 'student researcher' in applied courses, semester projects, summer internships and R & D projects, which are in more than 20 operations within the Anatolian Union Holding, will provide great contributions to the creation and sustainability of university-industry collaborations.

Prof. Dr. Durmuş Tayyar ŞEN
Head of Industrial Engineering Department